Cathy (hi_isaac) wrote in bbmakfans,

Special Presentation...

I don't usually pimp bands like this, but this time it's special. You guys remember Hanson, right? Yes, yes the "MMMBop boys". Most people recognize the song as the six-letter song that would never end. But Hanson's back and they're better than ever!

Hanson has a new album coming out in April 2004 (called Underneath), and trust me - it's AMAZING! Their next single, "Penny and Me" is going to be a smash hit! Since the studio album isn't coming out for a couple months, Hanson released an acoustic album featuring some songs from Underneath (called Underneath Acoustic).

In fact, Hanson released the acoustic version of "Penny and Me" for download at . Trust me on this guys, you won't be disappointed. The song is absolutely brilliant and it's going to be a hit!

So go to and download "Penny and Me"!
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