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Please Join!" This is a serious meassage so everybody, please listen." NKOTB

</i>"There are some people.. living in this world..." ~Sorry.. Had to break into song. </i>

ANYWAYS...AnnaWhiteFoundation- Please Join!

Hey all!! Jessi here.

If you don't know yet, a Tradgic event happened 2 weeks ago. Anna White, a Timberlake fan was killed outside a radio station waiting to see Justin Timberlake.

This has affected many that were there at the radio station, fans, myself as well as Justin.

I wanted to send out this invitation to join my friends' group the

It's accessible thru this link:

Please join to raise awareness against drunk driving as well as sending condolences & donations.

Related links: located at VH1.COM/News


Since that day, i'm still stunned and speechless.

We should know about the affects of drunk driving.

It's sad to see one sweet innocent life get taken away by one's careless
action. It affects their loved ones, friends and others around the world. Even if it just happened outside our door, one action is heard by many.

So, spread the word. We have to get this message out to those out there. Recruit others in taking a stand against drunk driving. Let others know about this cause.

I'll try my best in getting the word out to those in the *special* position. I'll try and get the word to BBMAK and others. If i get in contact with other artists/special guests that have been in with jojo, it will help.

Make awareness your first priority. You nor I don't want to see another
innocent soul be taken away.

Let Knowledge be your power.

Please join the Anna White Foundation at Yahoo Groups.
Tell them Jessi sent you!

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