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Solo Careers [23 Mar 2008|10:40am]

for anyone who don't know they split up in 2003 and working on solo careers. Christian has a new band called inhaler who look set to launch in the summer! hes gone rock/electro and sounding fantastic!!
he also sang the vocals on Tiesto track *in the dark* you can find the video also a live performance over on youtube.

Mark and Ste are doing there solo stuff to but no idea whether they have a record deal yet or not.
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[06 Aug 2004|10:14am]

Hey everybody, check out this communty:

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New Christian Picture [31 Jan 2004|10:06am]

There is a new picture of Christian at the BBMak Promo Team website! Well, actually the picture's main focus is an actress, but Christian's in the background. ;-) Not too shabby, eh?
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Special Presentation... [28 Jan 2004|06:30pm]

I don't usually pimp bands like this, but this time it's special. You guys remember Hanson, right? Yes, yes the "MMMBop boys". Most people recognize the song as the six-letter song that would never end. But Hanson's back and they're better than ever!

Hanson has a new album coming out in April 2004 (called Underneath), and trust me - it's AMAZING! Their next single, "Penny and Me" is going to be a smash hit! Since the studio album isn't coming out for a couple months, Hanson released an acoustic album featuring some songs from Underneath (called Underneath Acoustic).

In fact, Hanson released the acoustic version of "Penny and Me" for download at http://promo.ticklemepink.org/ . Trust me on this guys, you won't be disappointed. The song is absolutely brilliant and it's going to be a hit!

So go to http://promo.ticklemepink.org/ and download "Penny and Me"!
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Changing Journals... [20 Jan 2004|07:59am]
I'm changing journals, guys. So from now on, my screen name will be hi_isaac. K? :-)
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Christian Burns Community [08 Jan 2004|09:36am]
There is now a LiveJournal community for Christian Burns! Come join! :-)

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Christian Burns: Man of Many Hairstyles [30 Oct 2003|08:59am]
Like I promised, I made a website dedicated to Christian and his solo career. I plan to open it this Saturday or Sunday. Check it out:


The link to the message board is now up and running - so join it, okay? LOL...
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robbie williams [19 Sep 2003|03:41pm]

i just got my robbie williams ticket this morning and i got the best ticket in the house i might end up getting front row cuz i have the chance cuz i got general admitance it cost me $121 i love robbie i have wanted to marry him since i was 7 yay im so happy. just had to tell. :D
love georgie
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[14 May 2003|07:49pm]

Am I The Greatest Song In The World?

Nay: I am but a tribute to the greatest song in the world!

Are you the greatest song in the world?

Am I crazy or does that look EXACTLY like Ste?!?

What do you guys think? I really want to know
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[16 Apr 2003|01:17pm]
Excuse my teeninessCollapse )

BBMakness can be good!
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Hi [27 Mar 2003|09:06am]
Gill from the message board wants to get a fanbook together for each individual member of BBMak. See the UK message board for further details.

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Christian [20 Mar 2003|05:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi this is Tessa i am Georgie's friend and i was wondering how my brother Christian Burns is doing? Thats all. Thanks for your time. See Ya!

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Hi [12 Mar 2003|05:11pm]

BBMAK RULE! they r playing there stuff in aus finallllly!!! well thats all
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[28 Feb 2003|07:55am]
[ mood | awake ]

BBMak's gig is in Switzerland tonight.

Anyone know why they cancelled the Asia tour??!!

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[16 Jan 2003|05:46pm]
Hey all.

Anybody have any BBMak tour dates? I really need some so I can post them on my site. I'm hearing about gigs coming up and everything but I don't see any tour date lists.

Can somebody help me out, please?

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[23 Dec 2002|02:52pm]

Oh my GOD.

This site is pissing me off.

They're terrible.

All of their BBMak lyrics are so bad. Either they didn't even bother putting in the line and just put question marks or they flubbed it. So now whoever reads them is like "What the hell were the guys thinking?"

Just look!
What they have:
After all is said and done
Knowing I'll be only one
Till I head it out going out of the way
All alone under the sun
Baby come tomorrow
Are we moving on?

What it really is: (from my memory...)
After all is said and Done
I know i'm not the only one
to have had it all and thrown it all away
On and on under the sun
maybe come tomorroow
I'll me moving on

It just made me mad. I mean, come ON people!
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Happy, Happy, Birthday! [26 Oct 2002|09:29pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A Very Happy Belated Birthday to Mark. 24! Yea! What is up with all of you BBmak fans? I was so happy! I heard them today in Bloomingdale's. I was singing to "Back Here". Its been a while since I heard that song. Made me realize how much I like the new cd more. But now I must listen to the old cd so I don't forget how great they were when they were just starting. As long as I know that they are great performers its all good right?

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lol, I'm so proud of myself. [24 Sep 2002|07:10pm]
LOL. I made a new icon. You like?

I decided it was time to make a new Chris one.
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Please Join!" This is a serious meassage so everybody, please listen." NKOTB [23 Sep 2002|03:57pm]

[ mood | sad ]

</i>"There are some people.. living in this world..." ~Sorry.. Had to break into song. </i>

ANYWAYS...AnnaWhiteFoundation- Please Join!

Hey all!! Jessi here.

If you don't know yet, a Tradgic event happened 2 weeks ago. Anna White, a Timberlake fan was killed outside a radio station waiting to see Justin Timberlake.

This has affected many that were there at the radio station, fans, myself as well as Justin.

I wanted to send out this invitation to join my friends' group the

It's accessible thru this link:

Please join to raise awareness against drunk driving as well as sending condolences & donations.

Related links: located at VH1.COM/News



Since that day, i'm still stunned and speechless.

We should know about the affects of drunk driving.

It's sad to see one sweet innocent life get taken away by one's careless
action. It affects their loved ones, friends and others around the world. Even if it just happened outside our door, one action is heard by many.

So, spread the word. We have to get this message out to those out there. Recruit others in taking a stand against drunk driving. Let others know about this cause.

I'll try my best in getting the word out to those in the *special* position. I'll try and get the word to BBMAK and others. If i get in contact with other artists/special guests that have been in with jojo, it will help.

Make awareness your first priority. You nor I don't want to see another
innocent soul be taken away.

Let Knowledge be your power.

Please join the Anna White Foundation at Yahoo Groups.
Tell them Jessi sent you!


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Swimfan [14 Sep 2002|05:38pm]
I just saw the movie "Swimfan" today. On TV they say it's the #1 movie in America. Well I don't think it should be. LOL. Over all, I give it a C-.

- It was getting off to a slow start in the beginning.
- A lot of the time the movie was predictable. (Josh's death, when he was accused of giving that old guy the wrong medicine. I could go on but I don't feel like typing all of it. LOL)

But I thought Erika Christensen's acting was totally wicked when she went psycho. "TELL HER YOU LOVE ME, I KNOW IT!" I'm sorry but shoving Amy in the pool was just all wrong... Okay so Jesse doesn't tell Madison he loves her so she shove's Jesse's girlfriend in the pool. ??? lol. Yeah Madison, isn't THAT the best way to pick up guys. "LOVE ME NOW OR I'LL SHOVE YOUR LOVED ONES OVER BOARD! NOW I TELL YOU , NOW!"

Yeah the movie got a C- from me. Wasn't as great as I thought it'd be. Did anybody else see Swimfan? What'd you think of it?
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